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We here at Parkside books love both kinds of books: humorous self-improvement, and satirical comedy.

Fugue: The Amnesia Love Story That Will Make You Forget Every Other Amnesia Love Story

This comedy set in Cleveland takes a satirical look at men, women, and relationships. Lina is betrayed by Joe, her groom, on the altar, ruining their wedding. As she runs from the church, she falls and hits her head, waking up fine except that she no longer remembers Joe. Lina has a unique opportunity to […]

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Sally and Billy in Babyland and Their Adventures With Kitty the Cat

Sally and Billy are siblings abandoned in the woods who fall under the control of a narcissistic despot, Big Baby, who rules a dystopian place known as Babyland. Big Baby has captured Sally and Billy’s cat, and he doesn’t like to share. But they are determined to save her, and must confront his loyal subjects, […]

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About the Publisher

Parkside Books is the publishing arm of Mickey Hadick, a Michigan-based writer who likes to inject humor into his writing, if you know what I mean.

Parkside books is interested in developing and publishing humorous books, whether they are comedy for comedy's sake, or presenting a serious subject in an entertaining way.